Living and working in your community.


Me and Jessie Blaineville, 2013.


My dogs: Raleigh and Lexi.


Me and Kasimir on the farm.

I have lived in the Ottawa area my entire life. I grew up on a farm in Navan, Ontario and the values I learned there have shaped both my personal and professional life. I believe in hard work, treating people fairly, listening to what they have to say and helping them achieve their goals.


After enjoying the excitement and energy of living in the heart of Ottawa for many years, I have since returned to my roots. I now live on my own small farm with my dogs and horses — a new challenge with an excitement all of its own!


During my down time, I relax riding my horses around the farm with my dogs following closely. I have a passion for western reining and am fortunate to have a great show horse with which I compete. I also have a passion for Canada's national pastime and am a proud member of a local competitive women's hockey team.


In the years I have been working in real estate, I have placed people in homes all over the city and surrounding countryside. Having experienced the best of both urban and rural living in the National Capital Region, I know this market firsthand. I use this experience to work with buyers and sellers all over the City and surrounding countryside.


Whether it's helping you to sell your home when you're ready to make a move, buying a home in which you can take pleasure and pride, or looking for an investment opportunity, I want to be your realtor!